A Unique Thing that Evolution And Civilization Cannot Eliminate

The response is very simple and clear, but beyond the response are the various reasons for the assertion, which may even be more interesting for reflections and cogitation than the conclusory assertion.

Furthermore, the following are also points for considerations: (a) Why do we need to talk about Evolution? (b) Why do we also need to bring in civilisation?

The two terms are not used for the sake of casualty; they are premeditated and profound words. On the one hand is evolution, which stands for the biological advancement, in its strict sense; while on the other hand is civilisation, which denotes development or advancement from a more social sense.


Over time, humanity has thought that there certain things we need to put away in order to create other avenues for new inventions and ways of life. There have been so much advancement in so many fields of life, namely: in our thought pattern, in our manner of speech and communication, and even in the natural endowments, such as the ecosystem.

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There have been so many conjectures on the atmospheric bodies and the planetary systems, and so many changes have been noted over time. The body of the living organisms have been found, also, with so many changes, based on the diseases and viruses that they are now prone to contact.

There are new medications and sicknesses, new lifestyles and cultures. In a very larger extent, there are some traditions, cultures, and beliefs, and even lifestyles and languages that have gone into extinction.

However, the bone of contention here is to highlight that no matter how disinterested or supportive the human race maybe, the place of religion in the life and consciousness of humanity cannot be wiped away. It is a very essential part of our human existence. Its essentiality is not found in its necessity or practice, but in the attention, passivity, rejection and recourse, which the human race has continued to make to it. It is like a life and death consciousness. It does not need to be adhered to, to be promoted, or to be practice in order for it to live. It is a living reality of its own nature.

It is quite pitiable, how humanity has been trying to eliminate its existence, notwithstanding that the thought and act of fighting it, is in itself a source of life to it. However, every single attention given to it, for or against, makes it twinkle the more.


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